Christian Non-Fiction

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Single people are like everyone else. They want to feel loved and accepted for who they are. Especially at the place where they worship.

Our 21st Century culture is full of diversity. Church leaders and seminary professors are constantly discussing how to apply the Gospel with cultural relevance to reach diverse groups. Yet, one group has largely been neglected, although it transcends every culture, ethnicity, and class around the world. It comprises nearly half the American

population of 325 million people alone, a figure mirrored worldwide. They are one of the most highly regarded groups in the Bible. What is this group that has been overlooked? Singles.

Jesus and Paul both affirmed singles as a prime group open to the Gospel. Nevertheless, the status and role of singles is often neglected in local churches. How many local church leaders are communicating that it is okay to be Christian and single?

This book explores the origins of the primacy of marriage in Western Christianity. It examines the biblical teachings of singleness and the historical development of marriage as the only legitimate means of Christian expression. It also addresses the influences of war and secular psychoanalysis on our understanding of relationships.

This book gives an honest critique of the imbalance of Christianity, as well as how to begin honoring and respecting singles in local churches. This book is for singles and for those who minister with them.