Fiction Books by T.M. Williams


Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim

A supernatural war has been raging since the dawn of humanity. When Inti and Embla were pronounced the “Pinnacle of Creation” by Pantocrator, the heavenlies were divided. Some plotted destroy the Pinnacle and were promptly exiled from the Kingdom of Ouranos. Now their desire to end humanity is compounded by their rage. Exiled heavenlies continue to plot the demise of Pantocrator’s “Pinnacle of Creation.”

Opposing these exiled heavenlies are their faithful brethren still allied with the Kingdom of Ouranos. Among those heavenlies is Echo, a regular malach with a special mission. Echo’s mission will span the centuries as he protects his human subjects and partners with his Ouranic brethren to prevent the exiles’ every attmpt to destroy humanity.

Join Echo and his ouranic brethren in an eternal epic war between good and evil, freedom and slavery, life and death. Will Echo and the heavenlies of Ouranos preserve the fate of humanity through the centuries? Or will the exiled heavenlies succeed in destroying humankind for good?