Hellas and the Theohedron

Hellas and the Theohedron: Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim by T. M. Williams

Kethos is a skilled fighter, trained by the best. Due to his second-class citizen status, he joined a team of mercenaries. When his team is selected for a life-or-death mission from the dying king of Itonia, Kethos finds himself in the middle of an epic battle that will lead him into things only encountered in myths. Chasing Amazonians, fighting witches, and encountering gods and monsters are just a taste of what’s to come. Kethos’ mercenary group is getting more than they bargained for.

For Millennia, Echo has had free reign in how he protected his subjects. Uriel is the commander of all the Malachim on earth. With rumors that the legendary Theohedron is on earth, every heavenly and demon is on a mission to retrieve it. The Theohedron promises unlimited power to its wielder. In the hands of a demon, humanity is doomed. Echo is forced to team up with Uriel to protect Kethos and his crew from powerful demons, hybrid monsters, and deadly magic. Uriel is used to commanding everyone around him. Echo is used to doing things his own way. As fate would have it, they must work together if either of them are to succeed.

Will Kethos’ team be able to accomplish their mission and survive monsters, gods, and witches? Will Echo and Uriel successfully locate the Theohedron? Can humans and heavenlies cooperate enough to prevent a demonic takeover of earth?


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