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Welcome to the TMWXian website. I am T. M. Williams, the author and host of this site. I created this website to enlighten, encourage, and expand my own and others’ minds regarding living in 21 Century United States with a Christian Worldview. At the end of the 20th Century, there was a conservative, Evangelical group known as the “Moral Majority” who helped determine public policy, politics, and social values. Today, It seems the pendulum has swung the other way. In the beginning of the 21st Century, it could be said there is now a liberal “Moral Majority” who is shaping public policy, politics, and social values.

In this world, Biblically minded Christians face numerous challenges to their traditional worldview from politicians, special-interests groups, and anyone who didn’t seem to fit the mold of W.A.S.P (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) circa 1950s.

These challenges are proving to be both painful and beneficial. It is painful because those who primarily benefited from the previous policies are regularly discredited and disallowed in the public arenas. It is beneficial because the challenges have the potential to expose so many Evangelical incorrect beliefs and practices that have grown up with without having them questioned.

To say the least, it is an exciting time to be a Christian. In the early days of America, it was easy to view the USA as a new kind of Israel. Now, it is more like Babylon. What used to work in a Christianized culture may no longer work. It is a great time for believers to get back to basics and purify what Christian faith and practice really is. This includes questioning many of our assumptions and challenging ourselves to change what doesn’t really hold up Scripturally.

Just like how Israel had to learn to live out their faith in submission to pagan empires, so Christians in the USA now must learn how to live out their faith in a new pagan society.

I hope you’ll find the posts and products on this site will be a challenge and a resource to seriously take ownership of faith and practice in Christ in 21st Century Christianity in America.

May the words that follow, regardless of format

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